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Special Issue

Current Advancement of Islet Cell Transplantation in the Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus

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Guest Editor

Kenneth L. Brayman, MD, PhD, FACS
Professor of Surgery, Medicine, and Biomedical Engineering, Director of Kidney, Pancreas and Islet Transplant Programs, Director of Center for Cellular Therapy and Biologic Theraputics. Department of Surgery, University of Virginia Health System, 1215 Lee Street, Charlottesville, VA 22908, USA
Research Interests: transplant immunosuppression, chronic allograft nephropathy, solid organ transplantation in patients with HIV, islet cell transplantation, transplantation tolerance, gene therapy and xenotransplantation

About This Topic

OBM Transplantation is an international peer-reviewed Open Access journal, which covers all evidence-based scientific studies related to transplantation. This is seeking original manuscripts for a Special Issue on cell-based therapy for diabetes: “Current Advancement of Islet Cell Transplantation in the Treatment of Diabetes mellitus” scheduled to appear in the first half of 2018.

Islet transplantation and pancreas transplantation have been becoming promising therapies for diabetes, which can restore normal blood glucose and prevent diabetes complications. However, there are many grand challenges for maintaining long-term graft function and insulin independence in diabetes patients.

The special issue will provide a forum for presenting current research works and clinical results showing advancement of cell-based therapy for diabetes, including auto-transplantation, all-transplantation, inflammatory reaction involved islet transplantation, islet macro and microencapsulation, stem cell therapy, as well as in vitro and in vivo imaging of the islets. The special issue will also be open to any author, but mainly invited by guest editor. Each submission will be reviewed by at least two reviewers to ensure a very high quality of papers selected for the Special Issue.

Planned Papers

Title: Introduction of the Special Issue
Authors: Kenneth L. Brayman, Jose Oberholzer

Title: Pancreatic Allo Islet Transplantation: Update on Current Condition
Author: Rauf Shahbazov

Title: The Role of Auto Islet Transplantation in the Prevention of the Development of Diabetes Mellitus after Total Pancreatectomy
Author: Arash Nickholch

Title: Inflammatory Reaction in Islet Transplantation
Author: Mazhar Kanak

Title: Can An Islet be "Isolated" from the Immune System by Encapsulation?
Author: Meriegeng Qi

Title: Stem-Cell Therapy in Islet and Pancreas Transplantation
Author: Preeti Chhabra

Title: Role of Artificial Pancreas in islet Transplantation
Author: Kovatchev Boris

Title: Scaffolding for Diabetes: Reality or Myth.
Author: Yong Wang

Title: In Vitro and In vivo Imaging for Diabetes Research and Treatment
Author: Dongfeng Pan